Painting Blues

It feels like I’ve neglected my painting for a while. Until last night I hadn’t started anything new for a couple of weeks. Instead I’ve been revisiting some older paintings, adding little touches here and there to (hopefully) enhance them.

Yesterday I started on a new canvas. Most of my work recently seems to have been dominated by red orange and yellow. One colour lacking in prominence has been blue, so I set out to paint something mostly blue for a change.

When I finished for the evening I was very happy with the result and had a good idea of where I could go with the painting. But this morning I was a little disappointed. Was it the change in light (artificial last night and daylight this morning) or was it the drying of the paint that changed the appearance? Both possibly!

I’m finding that the warmer colours have given me a much more satisfying finish than I seem to be getting with so much blue on the canvas.

There are no photos yet of what I’ve been doing. I hope to include some before long – when I’m happier with the results.