Andrew Strom can get it right…

I’ve written a few times now about my concern for and about Andrew Strom. His latest blog article shows that he can get things right.

Bill Johnson is doing such damage to the Body of Christ around the world that I simply cannot stay silent…

Towards the end of this article Andrew writes:

“…the ministry of Bill Johnson is highly suspect. Sadly, because the deception is not as ‘obvious’ as Todd Bentley, people are charmed into thinking he’s “fine”.

If only Andrew could recognise that his own casual attitude towards prophecy makes him and those he influences no less susceptible to “not as obvious” deception.

I like Andrew.
I am grateful to Andrew for many things.
His earlier warnings helped to keep me from the influence of people like Bill Johnson.

However I am deeply concerned about his reluctance to test the prophecies and teachings that he himself has promoted. Articles like the one linked above at least give me hope that Andrew may one day demonstrate more personal discernment.