Fear of the Lord or the Carnal mind?

I don’t know  “Foolhardy Fred” but I found his comments in the links below to be very astute and insightful:


How far have we fallen from the true gospel?

How much has our understanding of God been changed so we see Him more like a cuddly grandfather instead of the Righteous Sovereign, ruler and Judge of His creation?

David Pawson has told the story of a friend lamenting that the church today worships “God All-Matey” instead of God Almighty. That the fear of God is no longer part of the Christian experience, so how can the world be expected to fear Him?

God has been turned into a “user friendly” deity who can be bent to our every whim,  a Father so desperate for love that he’s willing to turn a blind eye to wilful disobedience.

What kind of God do WE think we worship? The God revealed through scripture? Or a god who appeals to man’s selfish sentimental desires