Andrew Strom and the false prophetic.

This week Andrew Strom posted an article on his blog suggesting that Hurricane Isaac was a prophetic follow up to the destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina. Extra significance was given because Isaac was going to hit New Orleans 7 years to the day after Katrina. This claim also pointed out that a major homosexual event was planned for the city at that time.

Several people disagreed with that “judgement of God” view in the comments after the post.
Strom then started his next blog article with the statement:

“I have been very surprised and shocked in the last couple of days at all the Christians who want us to stay “silent” on the issue of Homosexuality…”

With this “prophetic” sleight of hand Andrew deflects attention from the GENUINE opposition to his previous post and misrepresents the views that were expressed regarding homosexuality.

Sorry Andrew, the issue was not one of wanting anyone to stay silent on the issue of homosexuality – but a matter of silencing false prophetic voices that continually bring forth and promote things like that failed “7 years after Katrina judgement”. Comments made regarding homosexuality were objecting to it being singled out above all other sins as being extra-deserving of God’s judgement.

I praise God that you came out of the “prophetic movement” and have helped expose its errors. But it’s time that you allow the “prophetic movement” to leave you so you can be freed from your susceptibility to so many false prophetic claims.



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One thought on “Andrew Strom and the false prophetic.

  1. If it had been possible I would have posted the content of this post directly onto Andrew Strom’s blog, but I’ve been blocked from contributing comments to it. I’m not sure what I wrote earlier that was deemed worthy of banishment because the offending comment was deleted. The only thing I can remember about that comment was an “AMEN” I typed in response to the previous contributor.

    A bit of history.

    I first got involved with Andrew’s ministry at the beginning of his Revivalchool forum. I participated there for a few years until it was closed down. Then along came the John the Baptist TV forum. I got involved with that and was asked by Andrew (three times) to consider becoming a moderator of that forum.
    On the third request I agreed and I helped to moderate for a short time until controversy arose over a “prophecy” relating to a predicted earthquake in Christchurch (which came with a specific date).

    Because of the casual manner in which that prediction was being treated, I became convinced that I needed to resign as moderator. I was then asked not to contribute to the forum for three months. I later resumed my participation until, like its predecessor, the forum was closed down.

    Then I took the opportunity to comment occasionally on the Jtbtv blog and have had my access blocked twice when my comments disagreed with Andrew’s stance on topics such as “the anointing” and most recently it seems, his views on the “Hurricane Isaac” warning.

    The point of this short history is to show that I’ve had involvement with Andrew’s sites for many years and had enough of his trust to be asked to help with moderating his forum. Clearly I lost that trust when I raised questions about his attitude to “the prophetic”.

    I believe the Lord made it very clear to me last year that He is not pleased with the casual attitude so many have towards His prophetic gifts. There are far too many cases of people speaking things on behalf of the Lord that the Lord has not said.
    Last year’s Christchurch prediction and the very recent Isaac claims are two examples of that.

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