exposed – but many still refuse to see.

The alleged judgement of God on New Orleans seems to have fizzled out. The seven year follow-up to Katrina has been reduced to a severe storm rather than a hurricane.
But while the “prophetic voices” cling to their judgement theories related to New Orleans, they have ignored the current typhoons in non-American parts of the world.

Those storms have killed dozens and caused GENUINE destruction – but “prophetic” attention was focused elsewhere… and presenting what kind of message to others? One that turns people to God or one that brings reproach upon the prophetic gifts?

Unfortunately, despite the failure of their New Orleans claims, those  “prophetic” voices will not be silenced.

They will not confess their error.

They will not repent.

They will just move onto something else to add to their list of failed prophetic claims.

They will continue as long as people continue to follow them. So do them a favour. Make them accountable.

Hurricane or not – residents around New Orleans will be going through some hard times with floods etc.
May they not be discouraged by the psuedo-prophetic claims that have been made about their situation.

I pray that they will receive the help and comfort they need from genuinely concerned and loving disciples of Jesus who will LIVE the gospel among them.


one source of the judgement claims:


2 thoughts on “exposed – but many still refuse to see.

  1. Tim, I was thinking today of Leviticus 26. God says to Israel “If you ignore me I will give you this little punishment. And if you still ignore me, I will give you a much worse punishment. And if you continue to ignore me I will deepen and intensify your punishment until I kick you right out of your land altogether and make you slaves in a far away country!”

    What a contrast with Katrina-Isaac! Instead of a worse punishment, a far milder one.
    What do the prophets say we are to read into that?

    I look at the whole subject from the opposite direction. Unconfessed, unrepented-of sin gives Satan the moral right to screw up your life. It’s like inviting him in to do as much damage as your sin gives him the right to. I saw a woman interviewed tonight who is a repentant gambling addict. $100,000 has gone via her into poky machines. Some never stop until Satan has taken their home, their job, their marriage, their kids, everything! Now THAT is a hurricane MUCH MUCH worse than Katrina!

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