The Jezebel Lie

At the heart of all false doctrine is an idea (or ideas) that have no basis at all in scripture. Those ideas are far too common and are far too quickly adopted without question. There are far too many cases to list – but one that I find arising time and again is the idea of a “Jezebel Spirit”.

This Jezebel (never identified as a spirit in scripture) has been given its own detailed mythology, not a word of which is found in the bible.

Yes, Jezebel existed. Yes, Jezebel was evil. Yes, Jezebel was an enemy of God and everything Godly. But Jezebel is only spoken of as being a WOMAN. There is an Old Testament queen who played a significant part in Israel’s history at the time of the prophet Elijah. Then there is a New Testament reference to a false prophetess leading people astray in the church at Thyatira.

There is NO mention of a “Jezebel Spirit” and there is definitely no detailed listing the characteristics of this alleged “spirit”.

The whole thing is a man-made tradition spun into a convoluted mythology associated with a non-biblical view of “spiritual warfare”.

Just today on another blog a commenter expressed surprise at the fact that “such an infamous, wicked, and prevalent spirit/problem as Jezebel isn’t given much mention in the NT”. Maybe that absence should give a clear clue that man has added a lot of his own imagination to the idea of “Jezebel” to create teachings not supported by scripture.

If it’s not there (in scripture) why add it?
And why make man’s additions more authoritative than scripture?


8 thoughts on “The Jezebel Lie

  1. It makes you wonder where this evil Jezebel spirit was in the centuries before Jezebel came on the scene! Apparently no one exhibited her personality traits before her! How unlikely is that! I totally agree that the Bible has nothing to say abt a “Jezebel spirit” so neither shd we! But it has a lot to say abt the kinds of sins Jezebel indulged in–addressing both men and women.

  2. Most of the details of spiritual warfare teaching have this quality–tissue pulled out of thin air, given a biblical sounding name, and foisted as biblical truth. Since God did not deign to pull back the curtain on the spiritual world for us, we shouldn’t feel a need to fill in the blanks with our own imaginings.

  3. Very true.
    But unfortunately many do feel that need and their desire for that knowledge helps maintain countless false ministries.

  4. Chris, it is easier to attribute everything to “spirits” than to take responsibility for sin.
    People also like to have “insider” knowledge – to see behind the scenes and give the impression of having “spiritual” awareness. But a “spiritual” awareness that is inconsistent with biblical revelation is simply occultism.

  5. Very interesting indeed. It’s amazing to think how many teachings we take for granted because we’ve heard them so often and just seemed to make sense.

  6. One of the most important lessons I’ve learned is NOT to take any teachings for granted. In the past I fell for too many things that I later found were wrong. That experience taught me to be extra-vigilent in checking the foundational validity of any teaching I come across.
    Basically, if there’s no clear biblical support for something I won’t accept it no matter how appealing it may seem.

  7. Hi Ramone, unfortunately I can’t access blogs with a “blogspot” address. That’s why I recently had to move to wordpress – I could no longer access my own four blogspot sites.
    There are certainly Jezebel-like traits that can be displayed in people, but giving those traits a life of their own and turning them into a sentient spiritual entity is a far too common and (in my opinion) dangerous error.

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