My Brother’s Cult

Here is a link to an interesting 30 minute documentary.

“How a religious cult in Sydney tore two brothers apart – one trapped inside, the other watching helplessly from the outside.”

Many would ask how anyone can get caught up with something like the cult mentioned in this story: or any one of the countless others that we occasionally hear of. And how many DON’T we hear of?
How many groups remain under society’s radar?

Perhaps it’s not so surprising that people get mixed up in these groups and end up making significant personal and family sacrifices to follow someone who makes extraordinary claims about themselves.

Ask yourself: are they very much different from so many followers of less demanding religious groups?
Followers who don’t take the time to investigate what they are following?

How many members of local churches are devoted to their church without actually KNOWING what their church believes? How many have taken the time to check out the basis of those beliefs?
How many take it for granted that their church beliefs are really consistent with the supposed foundation of those beliefs (in Christian terms, the Bible) and that their minister is faithfully promoting those beliefs?

Maybe most of us are potential cult fodder but have not had that potential tested to a clearly dangerous degree.
But are we any better off by if we follow a more friendly type of lie than one that is openly destructive?

Isn’t it worth the time and effort to take the personal responsibility to investigate what we follow?