Progress? Or not!

This is the most recent photo of my current painting project, taken after I’d adjusted the flesh tones.

I’m very happy with the crucifixion image but unfortunately I’ve lost the vibrancy of the background.

Last night I did a lot of work on that background and when I put my brushes down I was happy with the result. However, after the paint dried overnight, I found the finish was not as good as it had seemed. It was very patchy. I made the mistake of adding a cheaper acrylic medium to my paint to increase transparency, but it has given the surface a dull and cloudy appearance.

Note to self: stop using cheap materials.


One thought on “Progress? Or not!

  1. No, I don’t think the background has lost its vibrancy. Still very powerful.

    There is a question of just where the nail holes went in Jesus’ hands. As is known, the Greek (Xeiros I think) included wrist. The criticism was made that nails wd pull through hands because the hand-bones wdn’t bear a body’s weight. So it became a fashion to place the nail holes through the wrists. This never satisfied me because the wrist is a mass of big veins close together. The whole of the body’s blood passes through a very small area. The Romans certainly didn’t want their victim to bleed to death in a minute or two.

    The best medical explanation I’ve read is a skew-nailing an inch or so above the base of the palm through to the bone-gap on the back of the wrist. This wd have the effect of beginning in the hand, well away from veins and arteries, and exiting through the back of the wrist where the bones are dense and strong.

    Of course it’s a minor point in art. The symbolism remains.

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