30 Day Very Rough Sketch Challenge

I’ve created a new blog page to record my “progress” in a “30 Day Very Rough Sketch Challenge”.
It’s a variation on a drawing challenge I came across on another site.

I wasn’t sure I’d keep up with the discipline of doing a “proper” drawing every day so I adapted the challenge to suit myself.

If I keep it up during August, I might try it again next month – perhaps creating some different categories to tackle.

So far I’ve sketched:

1) Self portrait
2) Favourite Animal
3) Favourite food.

Details of the other categories can be found on the link provided on the new page.


Update – I didn’t keep up the sketching challenge so I’ve nuked the page.  But here are the few sketches I did get around to doing:


2 thoughts on “30 Day Very Rough Sketch Challenge

  1. I’ve decided to accept your challenge but with this variation:
    Within every thirty days
    (1) I will look at a photo of myself
    (2) I will try to sight the neighbour’s black cat
    (3) I will eat a favourite food.
    These are samples of 21st Century (Installation) Art.
    This is Art that happens whether you want it to or not. Mostly not.
    You’re living in it.
    You woke up to it this morning.
    And you can’t turn it off, even if you wanted to.
    It is the kind of art that wins first prize of hundreds of thousands of dollars
    For turning a light switch on and off in a dark empty room.
    We all are artists and never knew it.
    Turning your computer on today was an act of Installation Art.

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