Painting Influences (helpful blog)

I found an interesting blog.

The owner is a sculptor, and while I have no personal interest in sculpture, I found his articles have relevance for any kind of art form. He gives very wise and practical advice about the work of an artist.

Some of his articles confirm what I said in “painting influences (part 4) about inspiration coming from DOING the work. See in particular his article “Art is not a talent”


3 thoughts on “Painting Influences (helpful blog)

  1. I think something is there, buried way down deep. Something you’re born with. Have you noticed an artist cd have been a writer or poet or dancer or composer. Artistic rather than an artist per se. Perhaps it’s a creative attitude, a persistent state of mind. When I was a kid I used to compose symphonies in my head as I walked to school, concertos, operas, hundreds upon hundreds. A creative person can’t go for long without creating something. They become crotchetty and miserable and probably end up insane 🙂

  2. Shut up Chris, who asked for your opinion. I’m too depressed to listen to you – just expect my ear in the mail. 🙂 or should that have been 😦

  3. Interestingly it apparently was van Gogh’s whole ear. For years they sd it was just the lobe he cut off, but apparently there is an official report. Poor vG! Depression is good for art 🙂 Bad for ear 😦

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