Israel and Their Return to the Promised Land

 Below is a link to a long but very interesting article about the return of Israel to their land and how it relates to the second coming of Messiah.

 The article is by Reggie Kelly, a close friend of Art Katz.

 Art Katz’s understanding of Israel’s future received a lot of opposition, particularly from Messianic believers in Israel.  While many of them saw only good things ahead for the Jews and Israel, Katz understood there are still some very disturbing things to come.

 After reading and listening to a lot of ideas about Israel I have come across two major, contradictory viewpoints from those who DO recognise that Israel as a nation has a future in God’s purposes.

 One sees the restoration of Israel and the increasing number of Jews turning to Messiah as the forerunner of worldwide revival.

 The other view (as seen by Art Katz) is not so optimistic about the immediate future. He saw another exile from the land during the great tribulation/ time of Jacob’s trouble. This period would be relatively brief (3 ½ years) and would end with the return of Jesus, when HE would bring His people back to their land, from which they would never again be uprooted.

 For some time I have understood there will be a period in history that will eclipse the horrors of the holocaust. Through the ministry of Art Katz, and also articles like the one below, I have been encouraged that I have not been on the wrong prophetic track.

 There is a lot in this article to consider and many supporting references to thoroughly check.


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2 thoughts on “Israel and Their Return to the Promised Land

  1. Good article.

    However, I would go one further and state that the present form of Israel is the work of very evil men (allowed by God) and is what the Bible calls the “covenant with death” in Isaiah 28. Israel made this covenant with death with the US (Babylon) via the UN (Beast) in 1948 and will culminate with the antichrist peace treaty in the great tribulation.

    I believe that Israel was set up by the UN/NWO to be destroyed when the time is right which God will use for His glory in the end.

  2. Scripture makes it clear that there are very hard times a head for Israel and the land.
    It seems to me that today’s nation is intended as a safe haven created so that something like the holocaust will not happen again.

    However that hope of “safety” leaves God out of the equation. It is based on securing their territory and through military strength.
    Jesus’ prophecies make it clear that a time WORSE than the holocaust is still ahead and will immediately precede his return. It will be HIS presence that will end that “great tribulation”/”time of Jacob’s trouble” and establish Israel permanently and safely in the land.

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