painting in progress

This is my latest painting. I’m not sure whether I’ve finished it yet. At the moment I feel that it’s lacking something so I’ve put it aside for a while to see what I think in a week or two.

I tried to take some close-ups of detail not visible here but couldn’t get a clear enough photo.
I have scripture etched around the rim of the clock-face and the woman is wearing engraved jewellery on her wrist and hand.

This painting is an update of the picture below that I included in an earlier post. The only things I kept from that earlier painting are the woman’s face and the clock.

3 thoughts on “painting in progress

  1. I like both and hope you haven’t covered up the earlier one which I think I slightly prefer. The body hanging from the cross and the tomb, right? Mary/Rahab/Mary Magdalene?
    Sometimes it’s better to paint a new ptg of the same thing than alter one that already works well.

  2. Hi Chris,
    the earlier version has been painted over. It probably looked far better in the photo than it did on the canvas. I kept the parts that I was happy with

  3. A shopkeeper asked me for 4 paintings she would display in her shop. I had room for a fifth one so threw in a spare. That was the one she immediately chose as her favourite. You simply can’t tell what people will like and what they will reject. “There is no accounting for taste.”

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