Which Kingdom? Which King?

In an earlier post I referred to an article on Andrew Strom’s blog. That article inspired some very politically charged replies showing how strongly some people pin their hopes on some kind of political answer to the godless state of their nation. But those hopes are entirely misguided.

Politicians are elected to represent the interests of their constituents; if their constituents are mostly in favour of ungodly things then the government will legislate in favour of ungodly things. Christians don’t seem to comprehend that and get upset when EARTHLY governments do earthly things.

When will ALL Christians realise we are part of a DIVINE Kingdom which has not yet taken over and will not take over this world before Jesus returns. Until then we are ambassadors of God’s Kingdom here on foreign territory.

Obama and other world leaders are representatives of that foreign territory and they will be swayed by their own people’s demands rather than the demands of another Kingdom and its people. Should we expect them to do otherwise? Should we expect them to represent a Kingdom to which they don’t belong?

This is a reality that makes it difficult for a genuine Christian to become the elected leader of a secular state. Their allegiance would be caught between two opposing Kingdoms. Can they serve both with integrity?


9 thoughts on “Which Kingdom? Which King?

  1. People are rubbing up against the wickedness and greed of the government through no fault of their own. Do they bow and become a good slave, or should they resist in the way Paul used his Roman citizenship, for his own benefit. He could have said ”do as you will with me for I am not of this world.” But he pretty much said, ”Just a minute men, I have rights, I am a Roman citizen and what you’re doing is against the law”. Paul stood up for the rights he had in this world, he did not let them do with him as they would in order to be ”not of this kingdom”.
    My point being, sometime you have to not allow yourself to become a slave to man when you can steward the rights you have at your disposal. A man will become a slave to whatever he allows to master him.
    There is a balance to everything. No, you don\’t allow any thing, man or institution of this world to replace God, like many have done.. but you don’t roll over and play dead when the government breaks the law and it affects you either, as Paul showed us.

  2. Paul was making use of benefits that the existing law gave him. He was appealing to rights that were legally his. He was not appealing against unjust laws, He was not trying to get laws changed. He was not trying to oppose the introduction of laws he felt were unjust.

    Where did his appeal get him?
    On the negative side it kept him as a prisoner longer than necessary.
    On the positive side, his imprisonment and his appeal to Caesar got him to Rome as he desired.

  3. That 2 Chronicles in context reference refers solely to Israel in particular circumstances. It is not a general promise to all nations or the people of those nations.

  4. Hi Alex,
    God’s “Israel people” today are the people of Israel – descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and the promise relates to the historical promised land. “Israel” relates to no other people and the land to be healed relates to no other land.

    The name Israel and God’s purposes relating to Israel have not been transferred to any other people. I’ve written several articles about this on this blog under the category “Israel”.

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