King of the Jews

Last night I took this blurry photo of my latest painting. Since taking it I’ve added a bit more to the bottom left hand corner. The addition is a part of a clock face showing 3.00 o’clock, a regularly used symbol in my paintings referring to the time of Jesus’ death.

Another repeated symbol is the “Y”. Again this is a personal reference to the crucifixion: a stylised version of the “cross”. The “Y” poses the question Jesus cried out before His death “My God WHY”? It is also the first letter of the anglicised form of Jesus’ name in Hebrew: “Yeshua”.

For the first time I have introduced what could be the controversial use of a yellow Star of David, the identifying symbol Jews were forced to wear by the Nazis. Maybe some will be offended by that – I hope not, that was not the intention.

I use it as a sign of Jesus’ Jewishness and a sign of His suffering.

What probably doesn’t come through in the photo is a reference to the sign above Jesus’ head on the cross, “Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews” which was written in the three main languages used locally at the time: Latin, Greek and Aramaic.

Within the star I have included the words “Jesus of Nazareth”, “King”, “Christ” and “Messiah” I chose to use the English “King” rather than the Latin “Rex” for clarity.