Pardon me, but your prejudices are showing

Andrew Strom has certainly stirred up a “hornet’s nest” on his blog today. (see

One thing I find interesting about the article is the type of comments it inspired. Many comments say more about the condition of the person commenting than about the views expressed in Strom’s article.

Something that has become increasingly clear to me is the way people reveal their influences during a discussion or argument. The terminology used is the clearest indication. And when doctrine is discussed the proof texts quoted will usually reveal a person’s theological influences. A similar thing can be seen with political views..

In the discussion on Strom’s blog, it’s surprising how often the terms “socialism” and “Marxism” have been used accusingly. As if Strom must somehow be a “socialist” for expressing the concerns stated in his article.

These terms seems to represent the evil of evils in the American mind, but why? Haven’t they moved on from the days of McCarthyism or even Reagan’s “evil empire”? Do they still need to have a political scapegoat to deflect attention from real issues?

Socialism, Marxism, Communism are no more the enemy than any other “ISM” that tries to promote answers while denying or pushing God aside. At least with Marxism and Communism their rejection of God was out in the open. How much worse is it to use His name as a promotional tool while effectively denying HIS ways and who HE really is?


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  1. One of the more amazing comments made by some Americans is that Obama is both a Nazi and a Communist. His left arm must arm-wrestle his right arm all night. Poor guy, when does he ever get any sleep?

  2. I’m sure no US President before Obama has been “guilty” of so many contradictory things. Claims like the one you mention show the extent that bigotry and ignorance can colour the political and religious worlds in America.

  3. Judging by the number of posts on this subject it seems Christians/churchgoers are more concerned about politics than they are about eternal matters. Now, I’m not advocating apathy, far from it, but if this subject can arouse such venom, such strong opinions, such partisanship then their spiritual lives must be far from satisfactory.

    From this side of the pond it begins to look like a vote for Jesus or a vote for the devil. Now that can’t be right, can it?

  4. Wow. I do see what you mean about Christians who are very political in their thinking and their ways. But prejudice? Are you saying that political Christians are against Mr. Obama because he is black? I don’t think so. I do agree that political motivations in a Christian aren’t Christian at all, and I am apolitical. I don’t vote because I don’t want to have to make a choice between the lesser of 2 evils. I would prefer no evil at all. But I do understand, in a way, some of what motivates the “Christian right”.

    Mr. Obama is no more evil than any other president in recent US history, but he does raise a certain ire because of his absolute stances on abortion and homosexual marriage etc. He even believes that aborted babies who are born alive should be left to die, albeit in “comfort rooms”. These are very evil things that no other President has dared mention before, although some have probably thought it. And these things pass by as …”oh well, at least he wants to give health care to the poor, which Christians don’t want to do.”

    There need not be political solutions to people’s problems. There need not be the compromise of accepting the evil with the good.

    It is just as wrong to “swing the other way” as far as politics (and this IS politics, NOT godliness to be an Obama supporter) goes, just because the “Christian Right” is wrong.

  5. The issue isn’t really about Obama, Democrats, Republicans or Tea Parties.

    The most serious thing I see being exposed in that article and the following comments is the idolatry: how patriotism for the USA seems to be the dominant concern of so many American professing christians.

    There are so many comments saying “you foreigners don’t understand the American situation”…

    But sorry, I think having an outsider’s perspective gives a CLEARER perspective of America. We have been flooded with American culture and have a much greater awareness of America than Americans tend to have of non-American issues.

    Effectively many non-Americans are just as familiar with America and its culture as they are of their own nation’s culture – and sometimes are MORE familiar with America than their own country.

    The serious question is who do we serve, where is our allegiance?

    To God or nation?

  6. I find it shows there is a greater devotion to Nation than to God.

    It seems that Superman’s creed of “Truth, Justic and the American Way” has been slipped into the bibles of far too many professing christians in the USA.

  7. I think it would be best to become passionate about teaching the poor (and all men) to seek God for healing in their bodies, than to desire them or have any type of access to a system that is corrupt and will soon be a full-out BEAST. I don’t want that for the poor or anyone else, not even in the name of “health care”. Christians all over the planet or so worldly minded until they think of the health care system as “a right” or something we all need. But my bible says “the just shall walk by faith”, so we don’t have a health problem we have a spiritual problem and that is just another symptom of it.
    I am starting to understand more clearly who “the harlot riding the beast” is. There’s too many Christians whoring after the things of this world when they should be asking God what happened. One day it will be too late for too many to get it right.

  8. I do agree with you . I know so many Christians who believe that a vote for a Republican is a vote for God. There are also some Christians who go the other way and vote as liberal as possible, because after all the “liberals” are FOR poor people.

    And aren’t Christians supposed to be one Body? “You foreigners” does show a nationalistic bent.

    US Christians may be the most deceived people on the face of the earth, I don’t really know. I do know that they are among the most generous and I don’t think they want to be deceived. Please pray for us.

  9. Hi Jamie,
    Idealy believers should be out there healing the sick and teaching people to trust God for their health.
    This concern isn’t about promoting or supporting a government run health care system. I am more concerned about the number of Christians actively OPPOSING a government run health care system but NOT offering a genuine spiritual alternative.

    Instead of opposing a scheme that is supposed to help the poor – make the scheme redundant so the poor don’t need to rely on government schemes.

  10. Here’s where I was coming from and why I am so angered at how Christians have made such a golden calf of the medical, political, educational, and religious system: Last school term I started driving a school bus, this was from the Lord, I never dreamed I would be doing such a thing and probably won’t be able to much longer because the medical system is so intertwined in the work force. I have to take a physical every six months or so and if they find ‘anything’ wrong with me they can force me to either go to the doctor or get fired from my job.
    This was new to me because I haven’t been in the workforce in many years, except for self employed child care. So far I have done well on my physicals so have been able to keep driving and being a witness for the Lord, but if the time comes that I am forced to go to a doctor I am outta there.
    I rely on God and the natural things that he put in creation for healing, as I believe the physicians in Jesus’ day used balms and natural things.. they certainly didn’t use the harmful manmade stuff of big pharma. But, what irks me is how Christians will persecute you as if you are a weird space alien for not “believing in” the medical institution. There is no comprehension of Gods healing and deliverance in todays “christianity”. I spent a lot of time explaining my position on healing to a few co-workers who think I am nuts, and these people claim to be Christians and most of them warm a pew every Sunday. This same blind worldliness carries over into the political, educational.. and every worldly institution and way of the world. I guess since I have gotten up close and personal with the idolatry of the medical and pharmaceutical side of it, I just get angrier with what I see there.

  11. Hi Jamie,
    I have the same view of the medical system.
    Who do we trust for our health? The Lord or unbelieving doctors? The Lord or doctors who follow other Gods?

    And yet many Christians will rebuke other believers for trusting God instead of trusting in those doctors.

    If we can’t trust God for our own health how can we hope to help others trust God for theirs?


  12. HI Cheryl, not only one body, we are supposed to be part of ONE Kingdom – the Kingdom of God, and not devoted to any of the diverse earthly Kingdoms.

  13. Hi Jamie. I have had the same experience you have with CHRISTIANS no less. I was quite suddenly very ill one day a few months ago. The symptoms were quite shocking, and I was urged to go to the ER. I laid down in bed for a little while and refused to go. I told everyone that I believed the Lord would heal me and if He chose not to then I was ready to go home. Within 24 hours I was fine with no re-occurence of symptoms. I also ate a lot of yogurt and drank some cayenne pepper sauce, which sounds very strange, but the cayenne stopped the bleeding, and the yogurt calmed the upset. I have had no further problems.

    The dependence that Christians have on so many of this world’s systems is astounding, but hopefully their eyes and minds will be cleared up on these points. I used to be the same way, and I finally accepted the truth that this world and ALL of it’s systems are as rubble. No matter what the situation, whether it be political, medical…whatever…we are to be disciples of Christ in every way, every day. God Bless!

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