New Painting and Gallery Visits

This is the first stage of something I’m painting.

I don’t have a title for it yet. I’ll have to see how it develops as I fill in more of the empty red sections of the canvas.

It’s been a bit too cold to go into my “studio” this week so I’ve started drawing in the house, trying out ideas of things to add to my paintings. I want to get a better idea of shadows and highlights on paper before I try them in my painting.

It’s a new path for me. Until now I’ve conducted my trial and error lessons through painting which hasn’t always worked for me. I’m hoping I can iron out potential issues before I get to the canvas and if nothing else, reduce wastage of paint.

On the weekend I’ll be heading to Canberra to visit some galleries. The National Gallery is a certainty.  Last year I went there for the first time and since then have been back as often as I can. On this visit I specifically want to have a better look at the Impressionists. I’ve tended to concentrate on the asbstracts in the past.

I’ll also head to some of the Australian painters from the mid 20th Century and have a closer look at them. I’ve been reading a biography of Margaret Olley and want to have a look at the work of some of those mentioned in the book.

Of course I’ll also give Victory Over Death 2 another visit. That Colin McCahon painting is one of the art works that inspired me to give painting a go myself. Then there are the Ian Fairweathers. A visit to the gallery won’t be complete without spending time with them.

Victory over Death 2, Colin McCahon

 Marriage at Cana, Ian Fairweather

Waterlilies, Monet


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