David Pawson: Biblical Context

I’ve been listening to a sermon series by David Pawson where he discusses his approach to preaching, sharing the experience he’s gained over 60 or so years of ministry.

I found the part linked below was particularly interesting. He discusses the importance of “context” and what it means to address scripture “in context”.  

Context makes a big difference to the way we understand what scripture shows us about God. I personally would go as far as saying that almost EVERY doctrinal controversy afflicting “the church” has its root in a non-contextual application of isolated verses from scripture.

The talk goes for around 53 minutes and I highly recommended it.


2 thoughts on “David Pawson: Biblical Context

  1. A few days ago I was thinking about the new digital bibles we all have on our computers, iPads and iPhones. They are so quick to find any word of verse of scripture and are really handy in doing this. However having been famished from textual preaching where preachers find a text to build their latest reads from self help teachers into a sermon I think these digital tools can be very detrimental to preaching. Expository preaching and teaching take a lot of work and preparation that involves looking deeply into the context of that scripture text. The lure is to quickly search for another verse that appears to support our thought process. God grant us preachers that will study to show themselves approved unto to God!

  2. Hi wilvan,
    A lot of people know and can quote “scriptures” but fewer know THE scriptures and the God made known through the scriptures.

    Today “scriptures” tend to be personal collection of individaul “texts” that we can use to “prove” our doctrine. But THE scriptures are a collection of God inspired writings through which God makes Himself known.

    Do we turn to scripture merely to look up a favourable verse or two? Or do we turn to scripture AS A WHOLE to discover more about the God who inspired the Bible’s writing?

    Technology makes it much easier to focus on the “favourable verse” instead of the overall revelation.

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