Out of Church?

 What makes a church a church?

A building?

A seminary trained minister?

 Organised meetings – especially on Sunday?

A history?

Community recognition that THIS is a church?

Or is it any group of believers meeting any place they can at any time they can as long as their focus is relationship with God through Jesus: whether others recognise it as “church” or not.

I suspect many recognised, respectable “churches” would not fulfil that last definition.

One thought on “Out of Church?

  1. Church, for want of a better term, is anywhere the Body is called by the Holy Spirit into the Name of Jesus for worship. Let’s not discount the Body which is the remnant, the witness in denominational churches, or those lone rangers as we’ve been very unkindly titled, who meet in a cafe, on a bus, in a shop, even the internet by God appointment, not man’s convention.

    A variant rendering of Jesus words, when two or three are gathered … would be, when two or three are called into my Name by my Spirit, or the Holy Spirit.

    Puts a whole new slant on church attendance, doesn’t it?

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