Drawing Inspiration from another studio visit

Last week I stumbled across the studio of painter Kim Nelson in Yass, NSW and had a very interesting time speaking to him and viewing his work.

On the weekend I stayed in Hay in the west of the state and I had the opportunity to call into the studio/gallery of wild life artist Chris McClelland.

He creates incredibly detailed drawings. Originally inspired by his visits to Africa, his work features a lot of African wildlife, but he also draws Australian animals and Australian Shearing scenes.

It was a very quick visit to his gallery. My wife and I were on our way out of town when we saw the gallery was open to visitors.  Next time we travel that way we’ll call in again when we have more time.

See:  “wildprints”

My own first artistic attempts were childhood drawings, copying characters from Disney comics. Later in life I tried again, using photos as my model. An example can be found earlier on this blog – a drawing of a Norman Church in Derbyshire England.

More recently I tried a self-portrait from a photo but hated the result. I’m now afraid to look in the mirror in case the portrait was more accurate than I’d like it to be.