For several weeks I’ve been working on a painting I’ve called Rahab. It portrays the biblical prostitute who protected Israelite spies who had been sent to check out Jericho. In return Rahab was promised protection during the impending battle against Jericho.

In the New Testament it is revealed she became part of Jesus’ ancestral line.

Last night I may have finally finished the painting. I had a quick look at it this morning and was quite happy with the results. There’s only one possible small detail to fix and then I’ll be ready to photograph it.

Of course there are things that could have been done better but I’ll try to do that in a different painting rather than try to make this one perfect.

I thought later that maybe I shouldn’t have given her red hair; but I recalled that Esau, the son of Isaac, had red hair.

I DID change her (originally) green eyes to something more suitable. I have a bit of a thing about unusual eye colours and I’d just seen someone with vibrant green eyes in a commercial on TV. But I suspect the women of Jericho didn’t have access to coloured contact lenses in their day.

For a first serious attempt at something of this type I think I’ve done quite a good job. Hopefully I’ll have a photo for another post after the weekend.