Reviewing the Past

Many times I’ve heard people say how they wouldn’t change anything from their past, that everything was a valuable learning experience leading them to who they are today.

There are many things I would change if I had the opportunity.

I see desire for change is one of the central features of the gospel message. It is at the heart of repentance, recognising that our lives have been lived in a way that is incompatible with a relationship with God, that things in our lives have separated us from Him.

Our lives have been lived giving no thought for Him. Lives lived and decisions made out of self-centredness rather than God-centeredness. We think we know better and despise the idea that anyone else (including God, our creator) has any right to require anything of us. Wanting to rule our own lives, we have done our own thing, gone our own way.

Repentance allows us the opportunity to change our past in God’s eyes. True repentance leads to a new beginning where the slate is wiped clean, where past wrongs are forgiven and forgotten by God.

But unlike God we don’t have the power to choose to forget. Things we regret remain in our own memory. If only we could go back and change it so there would be nothing requiring repentance…

But some have no desire for change. They are satisfied with their past and have no intention of submitting themselves to anyone, even God. They retain the attitude of  “What right does anyone have to tell me how to live my own life?”.

But one day ALL of us will find out about God’s right to rule what He created. How many will find out while the opportunity remains to do something about it?

How many will find out too late?