Jesus’ Shed Blood (Disappointing Photography)

I have difficulty photographing some of my paintings.

Here is one of the worst cases. I’ve tried several times under different lighting conditions but the photo never captures what can be seen with the eye.

It’s another painting where I painted over an earlier idea that wasn’t working. I started the original on Passover and was trying to incorporate elements of the original passover into the painting.

Part of the earlier painting has been retained with the faint image of a goblet, something I was using to tie that original passover to the last supper and to “communion” (the Lord’s supper).

With a little imagination I can still see the doorway on which lamb’s blood was applied to keep a home’s occupants safe from the last plague of Egypt.

The doorway frames the goblet.


One thought on “Jesus’ Shed Blood (Disappointing Photography)

  1. Keep up the good work, even if your not able to capture it in the photos yet. It is all so beautiful!

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