Inspiring art

My art journey continues, and I love the learning process. Recently I’ve been looking for the work of successful artists with a similar approach to the one I’m developing. It’s not that I want to copy anyone else; I want to be inspired and to find ideas regarding technique.

One of my recent discoveries is Carol Bomer ( ) whose work expresses her faith in God. I especially like the way she incorporates text into her paintings, painting over newsprint and pages of books, and adding written text within the painted areas.

In some of my very early paintings I tried to incorporate words cut from newspapers and also printed biblical text. I was happy with the result at the time but those paintings were clearly the product of someone gaining familiarity with his materials. I like the change in physical textures created when different materials are used on the canvas, as well as the effect of partially hidden images, not entirely identifiable, that suggest meaning to be discovered.

See here for a Carol Bomer painting I particularly like: