Problem? What Problem? Maintaining the status quo…

The present church is powerless but it won’t admit there’s a problem. It continues with a “business as usual” attitude and most people will remain satisfied and not be challenged. The role taken by today’s church is one of justifying and reinforcing our status quo – making us feel comfortable about ourselves and where we are.

In the west we take the view that we are experiencing God’s blessing when in reality we rob ourselves of His blessing through our satisfaction with things of far less value.

I’m sure many over the years have seen me as a thorn in their side (after all I’ve been accused of being a servant of Satan more than once) because I have challenged their comfortable theological position. I haven’t done that because I feel I am more right than them – it’s out of a feeling of desperation, to get to the TRUTH, to live in the truth and to be part of a body of believers who are genuinely interested in living the truth.

I only speak/write passionately about those few things that I myself have learned and come to recognise as truth – often after I’ve made a 180 degree turn around from an earlier belief I had been taught.

For some time the single most important truth I’ve tried to get across is to abandon proof text based theology, to stop trying to “interpret” scripture to fit our established theology, and to let scripture speak for itself in its complete context. However it is much easier to swallow and regurgitate what others teach than it is to seek and trust God for ourselves.

7 thoughts on “Problem? What Problem? Maintaining the status quo…

  1. What if the status quo is due to the church being subverted doctrinally since dispensationalsm infiltrated it?

    What if dispensationalism teaches another jesus instead of the REAL Jesus Christ?

    A jesus that is more like Joel Osteen when it comes to getting along with people at all costs?

    A jesus that wouldn’t speak so harshly towards unbelieving Jews or their leaders, the Pharisees?

    It is a fact that most western “Protestant” churches have adopted dispensationalism and it is taught at the following semenaries to this very day.

    Baptist Bible College
    Chafer Theological Seminary
    Dallas Theological Seminary
    Grace Theological Seminary
    Masters Seminary
    Moody Bible Institute
    Multnomah School of the Bible
    Philadelphia College of the Bible
    Talbot Theological Seminary
    Western Conservative Baptist Seminary

    A few of their graduates:

    Charles Ryrie
    Dwight Pentecost
    John Walvoord

    And even US politics are infested with dispensationalism…

    Casting the pre-tribulation rapture away, although a good first step, is not enough as that is only one symptom of the greater disease of dispensationalism…

    Unfortunately, most of the church is very comfortable with dispensationalism and will likely fall away as a result.

  2. Dispensationalism is only one of many errors within the church. As long as people cling to tradition and remain complacent regarding the truth, they will risk being led further astray, even to the point of completely falling away from the faith.

    Few are willing to test their favoured (and often obsessive) beliefs by searching the scriptures for themselves.

  3. Hi Ones,

    Yes, it is but one error but it also the most prevelant.

    I’ve myself have had so many “beliefs” torn from me that didn’t line up with scripture, I’ve honestly lost count.

    It hurts for a while but all is ok in the long run 🙂

    [link to website deleted – onesimus]

  4. I wouldn’t say its “the most prevalent”. There are many errors more widely accepted (beyond the shores of the USA where dispensationalism is perhaps far more prevalent than elsewhere in the world).

    I also had a lot of my beliefs overturned, which is why I stopped running after men’s teachings, men’s fads and men’s theories and started to focus on what scripture actually said. I turned to scripture for myself instead of relying on others to interpret it for me. That is the best and most important thing I’ve done.

  5. Well any church or individual believer that believes in the pre-tribulation “rapture” has been infected with Dispensationalism.

    Dispensationalism has a much farther reach than many would dare to admit.

  6. Dispensationalism only reaches as far as those who trust man to teach and interpret scripture for them. That is exactly the same situation with other “…isms”.

    If we rely on being told what scripture means rather than searching the scriptures for ourselves we will be susceptible to deception of some kind. All deception is dangerous. Dispensationalism is no more dangerous to the indivdual than falling for any other error.

    Search the scriptures (don’t merely look up proof texts).
    Trust the Holy Spirit to give understanding.
    Fellowship with Spirit led believers who are also searching the scriptures and trusting the Holy Spirit (this helps to bring conifrmation or correction to the understanding you believe the Spirit has given to you).

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