I’ve been discussing the different versions of my “Eloi” painting with the friend who introduced me to art. He gave me some very good advice that I hope I’ll follow in the future. Instead of trying to improve something that’s already quite good – start again on a new canvas and introduce those “improvements” into the new version.

I suppose my hesitation to do that in the past has been the fear that I wouldn’t be able to recapture those parts of the original work that I really liked, but I now realise that isn’t important. Who knows, I might even improve on THOSE elements as well as (hopefully) the parts I hadn’t liked in the original.

Looking back to the Eloi painting – I have lost a very good original version, I have a photo of a less impressive (but not too bad) second version, and I have a final canvas not as good as the original but quite different to the second. If I’d approached it in the way my friend has now advised, I could have had a series of three similar paintings of the same theme and been much more satisfied with the work I’ve done over the past week.

Am I ready to learn from past mistakes?