It is several months now since I started painting and I’m very happy with the improvement I see between my first paintings and my most recent. I am now confident enough to enter my work in a local exhibition at the end of this month.

I can even offer my paintings for sale – though I’m not sure whether I should. Am I ready to be a “professional” artist? (Insert extreme smiley here). How much would I charge? Would I be ready to “lose” my work – possibly to never see it again?

There is a limit of two paintings per artist. I have one painting I’ll definitely enter. I’m not so sure about a second. I have one or two I could choose from – but I’m hoping to finish something new instead of resorting to something older.

Here is the contrast between my first attempts and my most recent. The new one is first.

A “gallery” of my best pictures so far can be found via the “Art by Onesimus” tab at the top of the page.


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