21 Things I Didn’t Learn from Scripture

This is a list I wrote a long time ago on another blog. 

It’s still relevant.

21 Things I Didn’t Learn from Scripture

1) To be saved all you need to do is:

 a) ask Jesus into your heart,  

b) say the sinner’s prayer

c) respond to an “altar call” in which you do both a & b.

2) Believers will be “raptured” from the earth immediately prior to the Great Tribulation.

3) Christians’ eternal home is heaven.

4) Satan and his demons reside in and rule their kingdom from hell.

5) Between His death and resurrection, Jesus was tormented in hell by the devil

6) Jesus victoriously snatched the keys of death and hell from the devil.

7) The devil made me do it.

8) Baptism is optional (it can also be done to babies with a sprinkling of water).

9) Sin in the life of a believer doesn’t matter because all of our sins have been forgiven

10) God loves the world so much…


12) God offends the mind to reveal the heart

13) People need hours of counselling/ inner healing/ deliverance sessions to be freed from hurts and problems caused by their past.

14) Faith is a force

15) Confess and possess

16) We should not question our leaders (“touch not the Lord’s anointed!)

17) There are different kinds of anointing and some Christians are more anointed than others

18) Tongues is THE sign of being baptised in the Holy Spirit

19) Scripture doesn’t really matter

20) God knows the future because He has fore-ordained everything that will happen.

21) Man’s will plays no part in salvation.


6 thoughts on “21 Things I Didn’t Learn from Scripture

  1. “Good post but I was wondering if you could write a litte more on this topic? I’d be very grateful if you could elaborate a little bit more. Bless you!”

  2. Cinda,
    I have heard all of those 21 things taught as truth at one time or another – and yet not one of them is true. Not one of them has any biblical support.
    They are all traditonal ideas that have been passed on from preacher to listener, teacher to student, writer to reader. In other words every one of those statements is the promotion of man’s tradition and not God’s revelation. All of them are theological lies.

  3. Very interesting details you have observed, regards for putting up.

  4. I don’t speciifcally get more into those because a lot of time can be wasted trying to disprove an idea that has no evidence to support it. If someone insists that the bible supports those ideas – it is up to them to produce the evidence. I believed some of those things myself and then started to ask myself why did I believe them. I spent time searching the scriptures to support those beliefs, couldn’t find any, so had to change my beliefs to comform with scripture.

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