Word, Spirit, Fellowship, Life.

1) Go to scripture for yourself and see for yourself what scripture reveals.

2) Trust the Holy Spirit to be your teacher instead of sifting for answers through countless contradictory teachings published or preached by men. If we are followers of Jesus we have no less access to the Spirit’s help than anyone else  and therefore no less opportunity to receive understanding from Him.

3) Trust God to give you confirmation or correction of the understanding you have gained through the above (to make sure it is HIS understanding and not your own or someone else’s).

Confirmation/correction can come from some unexpected directions when least expected, but mostly will come through fellowship and discussion with Spirit led believers. Two or more genuinely Spirit led believers will not be taught contradictory things by the Spirit. (But be sure they ARE Spirit led – this is easier to do when you KNOW them and communicate with them personally, which is not usually the case if you turn to some distant theologian or teacher).

4) Live what you have learned.


4 thoughts on “Word, Spirit, Fellowship, Life.

  1. Sadly few others would. They prefer to coninue going to men first for understanding.
    Obviously early in our Christian life we are more reliant on human teachers than we ought to be later. At some point we need to grow up and start taking responsibility so we don’t expect constant spoonfeeding from others (who often aren’t serving real “food”).
    If we take that responsibility we become more capable of assessing those things we were taught early on.

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