Why I Choose to Believe the Bible

I listened to this talk this morning and thought it was worth sharing, though judging from some of the speaker’s associations he  quite likely holds to Calvinist beliefs. Therefore I could not recommend other material by him and would counsel caution if following up other examples of his teaching. But then again we should ALWAYS approach any teaching with caution, searching the scriptures for ourselves (like the Bereans) to hold ALL teaching to account.

2 thoughts on “Why I Choose to Believe the Bible

  1. Is it true that some Christians believe the bible has accurately predicted some events that have already occurred? If so, what events and where in the bible does it predict them?

  2. The bible has certainly predicted events that occured later here are one or two examples.

    Some of the clearest are those relating to Jesus’ suffering and crucifixion. Psam 22 and Isaiah 53 are some of the best known examples.

    Also scripture predicts a return of the people of Israel to their land after a period of scattering among all the nations*. Even the very survival of Israel as a viable nation is a fulfillment of prophecy. That survival didn’t seem likely or possible for almost 2000 years after the destruction of Jerusalem and their temple (an event also predcited, by Jesus, 40 years before it happened. See the first few verses of Matthew 24).

    * see Amos 9:14-15, Ezekiel 36:24 and many others.

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