Choose your favoured acronym.

Two interesting recordings.

A discussion about five points of Calvinism between Bruxy Cavey and Calvinist Tim Challies. (45 mins)

A discussion related to the Calvinist “TULIP” doctrines with Bruxy Cavey and Tim Day, and their “Arminian” alternative acronym. ( (1 hr 3 minutes)

Word, Spirit, Fellowship, Life.

1) Go to scripture for yourself and see for yourself what scripture reveals.

2) Trust the Holy Spirit to be your teacher instead of sifting for answers through countless contradictory teachings published or preached by men. If we are followers of Jesus we have no less access to the Spirit’s help than anyone else  and therefore no less opportunity to receive understanding from Him.

3) Trust God to give you confirmation or correction of the understanding you have gained through the above (to make sure it is HIS understanding and not your own or someone else’s).

Confirmation/correction can come from some unexpected directions when least expected, but mostly will come through fellowship and discussion with Spirit led believers. Two or more genuinely Spirit led believers will not be taught contradictory things by the Spirit. (But be sure they ARE Spirit led – this is easier to do when you KNOW them and communicate with them personally, which is not usually the case if you turn to some distant theologian or teacher).

4) Live what you have learned.

Why I Choose to Believe the Bible

I listened to this talk this morning and thought it was worth sharing, though judging from some of the speaker’s associations he  quite likely holds to Calvinist beliefs. Therefore I could not recommend other material by him and would counsel caution if following up other examples of his teaching. But then again we should ALWAYS approach any teaching with caution, searching the scriptures for ourselves (like the Bereans) to hold ALL teaching to account.

How and What?

I’m not sure how I want to approach this new blog.

I have four different blogs through dealing with different areas of interest. Sometimes it can be hard to keep each one going without neglecting the others. Maybe I could find some way of dealing with all of those different things here on one blog.

The oldest of my previous blogs is here, there is a lot of reading for anyone who wants to know more about my beliefs:

It has been going for several years and is focused on my Christian faith but since that is at the centre of all of my interests (literature, art, home life) maybe there’s no need to separate everything into individual categories.

Well, that’s something to think about when I have time.

At the moment I’m trying to return to normality after the death of my father-in-law in a distant town.  I was away from home for almost a week for the funeral arrangements and  my wife has stayed behind to support and help her mum.

It looks like I’ll be on a mainly vegetarian diet for a while because the garden took the opportunity while I was away to become exceedingly productive. I now have an excess of aubergines, corn, cucumbers, and tomatoes to deal with.

I haven’t dared look at the beans and strawberries yet.